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  • The only cable free 3 Channel holter system worldwide

  • Real long time recording up to 60 days (8 days battery)

  • Flexible use due to handling comfort

  • Low artefacts / 24 bit resolution

  • Easy handling and high wearing comfort

  • Discrete, full Patient mobility guaranty

  • Low operating costs

  • Professional Analysis software PADSY for MAC or Windows PC (hospital data interface)

significant product features / intended use:

  • real 3 channel ECG holter system (leads I,II,III)
  • one ECG electrode (livePATCH)
  • for cable-free ECG- recordings from 24h up to 60 days
  • small size (55 x 50 x 11mm), low weight (< 35 grams)
  • all standard ECG applications (e.g. HolterECG)
  • real long-time (up to 8 days) recording with one battery or
  • up to 60 days by change of batteries
  • low signal artefacts / high common mode rejection ratio
  • filter and signal processing integrated
  • ECG storage capacity: up to 60 days
  • Bluetooth

system advantages – patient

  • completely cable-free design
  • high wearing comfort – at home or at hospital
  • high quality of sleep
  • low weight, small size & no restriction of movement
  • take a shower? just pull the amplifier
  • discreet: invisible to wear under the clothes

system advantages – physicians,user,hospital etc.

  • easy to use and applicable (only one electrode patch)
  • no expensive and sensitive patient cables (no cable break)
  • reusable electronic circuit
  • very small effort for cleaning and disinfection
  • one livePATCH© electrode: 1-3 days wearable (low cost like standard electrodes)
  • result: low operating costs

ECG signal analysis and control

  • easy and fast ECG analysis by use of standard ECG Holter
  • analysis software PADSY©
  • fast checking the signals – just use the liveECG Viewer

ECG analysis software

  • easy to use/livePATCH©
  • the cable-free holter/liveECG©
  • livetec smart software tools
  • liveECG© viewer: signal viewer for Android/tablet PCs
  • liveECG© unit: comfortable configuration of
  • patient specific recording

analysis software features of medset PADSY©:

  • lowtime effort for a good analysis
  • intuitive operation
  • different PC platforms available (MAC, Windows, Linux)
  • network-ready
  • paperless documentation:

liveECG B200

liveECG Accu

liveECG Charger

liveECG Reader

liveECG Patch

technical parameters

  • 3 leads: I, II, III
  • ADC resolution: 24 bit
  • sampling rate: 250 samples/sec
  • integrated filters and signal processing
  • Frequency bandwith: 0.1(0.05)Hz – 75Hz
  • input voltage range: < 40mV
  • ECG storage capacity: up to 60 days
  • interfaces for fast data analysis and signal control (USB /Bluetooth)

CE approval

  • class IIa product

battery / accumulator

  • liveECG B200: battery for 8 days recording
  • liveECG Accu: rechargable battery for 3 days

reusable parts

  • liveECG recorder module, liveECG Reader (USB)
  • optional: liveECG Viewer (tablet PC), liveECG Accu, liveECG Charger

disposable parts

  • livePATCH
  • liveECG B200

mechanical dimensions

  • small size: 55 x 50 x 11 mm
  • weight: < 35 grams
  • all products are made in Germany

liveECG Box

liveECG Box

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