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livePace T20


  • Temporary pacing during and after cardiac surgery or interventions

  • Easy setup and usage in daily hospital routine

  • Uninterruptible battery change: Up to 24 hours power backup

  • Silicone cover for better placement and drop protection

Intended use

for temporary application <30 days in case of:

  • Pre or Post operative stimulation before implant pacemaker change
  • During and post operative to a heart surgical procedure
  • Temporary bradycardia therapy
  • Temporary tachycardia therapy
  • Therapy of dysrythmia of myocardial infarction
  • External emergency stimulation


  • Transvenous atrial and or vetricular pacing
  • Myocardial via heart wires

Size of electrodes to be used

  • All temporary external electrodes or myocardial heart wires with a diameter from 0,9mm up to 2.1 mm are suitable


  • AOO, AAI, AAT, VOO, VVI, VVT, DDD, DDI, DAI, DOO, DDT, VDD, VAT, high rate, emergency, ODO

livePACE T20 with protection cover

livePACE T20 Box

technical parameters Pace T20©

amplitude 0.1 – 20 V / dual chamber

pulse duration: atrium: 0.7 ms ventricle: 0.5 ms

high rate: 1ms

sensitivity atrium: 0.1 mV – 20 mV / ventricle: 1 mV – 20 mV pulse rate 30 – 250 ppm / high rate 40 – 1000 ppm

presetting 400 ppm burst (8 pulses) or permanent stimulation backup (VVI, 40 ppm) stimulation at ventricle A

emergency V00/10 V/80 ppm

refractory time atrium 400 ms – 200 ms for AXX modes (depending on pulse rate)

TARP for all dual-chamber modes

refractory time ventricle 250 ms – 200 ms for VXX modes (depending on pulse rate) 225 ms – 175 ms for all dualchamber modes (depending on pulse rate)

AV-delay (AV-Dly) 15 ms – 300 ms

automatic settings (depending on pulse rate) or manual
automatic: 50 until 300 ms (min. 50 ms)
manual: 15 until 300ms

PV-delay (PV-Dly) 15 ms – 250 ms (AV-Dly * 0.84)

PVARP 100 – 500 ms automatic settings (depending on pulse rate) or manual
automatic: TARP – AV-Dly manual: 100 – 500ms

start mode selectable / storable

weight: 365 grams

safety features Pace T20©

  • run away protection, depending on pulse rate setting
  • noise detection:
    level 1 (display: noise warning): noise frequency > about 8.3 Hz (120ms)
    level 2 (change to a fixed-frequent stimulation): noise frequency > about 14 Hz
  • short-circuit warnings
  • open electrode accesses high/low impedance
  • pulse rate (> 150 ppm) EOL (battery and backup battery) noise self test and system error

CE approval

  • class IIb products

all products are made in Germany

livePACE patient cable (white 2m or 25cm)

livePACE patient cable (blue 2m or 25cm)

livePACE protection cover

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