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RF liveCOOL®


  • irrigation pump for ablation catheter cooling

  • supports all standard ablation procedures

  • lownoise, five wheel pump

  • digital interface to the liveGEN© generator (control of all pump parameters)

  • generic ablators: on/off interface

  • high resolution touch screen: easy to use and applicable

  • very small effort for cleaning and disinfection

  • optional: remote control available (RF liveCOMMANDER©), control of all pump parameters

technical parameters

  • 1-60 ml/min (flush flow: up to 80 ml/min)
  • 3 separately adjustable flow rates (low flow, high flow, flush flow)
  • digitally adjustable
  • high efficiency, low noise

safety features

  • safety tube pressure sensor
  • air bubbles ≤ 2 µl
  • flow control
  • emptying of fluid bottle measuring of the cumulated flush volume

CE approval: class IIb products

made in Germany

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