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RF liveGEN®


  • cardiac ablation procedure, pulmonic vein ablation procedure, pulmonic atresia, tricuspid insufficiency, renal artery ablation

  • modes: unipolar, bipolar and dual catheter ablation, pace & ablate / supports two catheters / 2 neutral electrodes

  • personal default settings for ablation can be saved in the “presets”

  • high efficiency, low noise, easy-to-use & clean: big high resolution color touch screen

  • digital and analog interfaces to EP systems and catheter positioning systems / precise filter for very excellent intracardiac signals

  • livetec irrigation pump double interface: up to two RF liveCOOL© pumps connectable

  • optional: remote control available (RF liveCOMMANDER©)

technical parameters

  • RF power: 30 / 50 / 75 / 100 W
  • ablation frequency: 500 kHz high quality sinus wave
  • temperature or power controlled
  • wide range derating (20 – 400 Ohm)
  • thermo coupled (recommended), thermistor


  • RF liveCOOL© irrigation pump digital interface (up to 2 liveCOOL© pumps)
  • generic irrigation pump interface (on/off)
  • high quality filter output for EP measurement
  • foot switch

CE approval: class IIb products

made in Germany

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