Humanity Projects

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It is our strong believe and our target to make medical treatment available at favourable prices to everybody in this world.

Our strong relation and partership to our suppliers and our strategic partners, enables us to act succesfully in the international market and create a strong network.

Beside the supply of medical Invest – disposable products auxil science GmbH is acting as a strategic project partner to offer medical field solutions. This includes the planning, construction and supply of medical mobile clinics, dental labs, cardio labs, ophtalmologic labs etc.
With this activity we do cooperate with other humanitarian institutions to bring medical treatment to areas, people do not have access to.

Our first hospital with direct supply, for the majority of their medical needs, is under cooperation. We are proud to support more than 3000 patients per year with medical assistance.

Our team of 3 medical physicians is traveling worldwide to bring medical knowledge and medical treatment to the place where it is needed.
We hope to grow our activities with the assistance of our partners and friends throughout the next years.