Lightweight: Only 30 grams guarantee maximum Wearing Comforthighest Patient Compliancebest Signal Quality

Exchangeable standard battery instead of short-life integrated battery: No charging time between two patientsBetter workflow

Up to 9 days of continuous recording

soon available with a single patch: Easy to attachBetter adhesion

How do you want the ecg signal to be reported?
We offer two different solutions:

Manual reporting

Automated reporting

Automated reporting

Save precious time.

If you want the ECG data to be examined externally and get a final report in time, then you should choose

  • Finished report in max. 5 hours
  • Accessible from anywhere: Cloud-based
  • Fully reimbursable by your health insurance
    * already registered in Germany, Switzerland, Poland
  • Unlimited number of analyses included in the monthly package
  • Individual changes to the report are possible at anytime

Manual reporting

Report yourself.

If you want full access to the numeric and graphical ECG data and report yourself, then you should choose

  • One-time purchasing cost: Unlimited usage
  • Local installation: Seamless integration into your Patient-Information-System
  • Regular updates and software extensions
  • Optimized algorithms offer fast and┬áreliable analysis

* This is a monthly installment. The auxilECG is also available for purchase. For availability and more informations please ask your local distributor.